Medical Equipment


60-year-old company that has created a lot of “firsts” in Turkey where it was born. Over the years, expanding globally, Bicakcilar Medical has helped save lives around the globe supplying the products that are crucial in healthcare. From medical disposables to operating room equipment, we stand out with two amazing uniqueness:

  • Quality control with zero tolerance
  • After sales service by our own experts adding exceptional durability to our medical equipment

Our focus on the “patient” makes us a great partner with our customers- doctors and hospitals worldwide!

The product range covers:

  • Theatre Tables
  • Surgical Led Lights
  • Mobile Stretchers
  • Exam Tables & Couches
  • Suction Devices

Sky Med Medical

Sky Med is a South African brand.

Our influence in the manufacturing of these units has been the first step towards building our own South African brand of examination chairs and tables. Over the next few years our goal is to do more of the manufacturing in South Africa.

Our focus is to provide quality that will last and backed by local support and parts.

Derungs Licht

Derungs are one of the world leaders for lighting systems and accessories intended for the healthcare technology. Since 1999, the company has been part of the Waldmann Group.

They have combined innovative lighting techniques and a functional design to create state-of-the-art products.

They have been building our future with our solid know-how accumulated over the past 80 years. Our motivated staff rely on this unique experience and offer solutions which have been researched down to the smallest detail to give a lighting suited to all the needs in the healthcare field.


Proudly Swiss Made