The standalone chair has many different functions; it can be used for Dental Surgery, Microsurgery, Podiatry, and many others uses.

Both our models SS_One and SS_Kiss are available as standalone chairs. 2 different ergonomics features and designs to grant to doctors and patients the best possible comfort

The ergonomics of the seat and the design of the SS_One and the SS_Kiss, allow the doctor to reach different working positions.
You can choose which one is better for your daily work


Standard Configuration

Multifunctional pedal, to control the movement of the chair and the backrest position. It also allows to control the air and water supply to the instruments when the instrument cart is connected to the chair.

Left armrest. The right one is an option, you can add it to improve the comfort of the patient, or you can avoid to purchase it to make the entrance/exit of the patient easier. However, the armrest can easily rotate to grant the wider space possible while the patient seats onto the chair.

The upholstery can be supplied in:

  • Standard PU leather – Made with high quality PU production process. Anti snatch
    fabric, can be easely cleaned and disinfected.
  • Fiber leather with seams. Softer cushions to grant to your patient the greatest comfort during the intervention. The fiber leather is available in a standard range of colors (12 colors).
  • The Fiber leather can also be customized in more than 200 different colors, or by requesting the embroidery of your clinic logo on the upholstery of the backrest of each unit, You can even decide to use any type of print or design for the upholstery of your dental chair (available both in the fiber leather and PU version without seams).

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