X-View Pan

The X-View family begins with X-VIEW 2D PAN, the entry level model with ergonomic and clean design to perfectly fits into your workspace.

X-VIEW 2D PAN offers high-level technological development for the acquisition of clear 2D images:

  • DC high frequency generator
  • 151 x 6,9 mm active area
  • 15 x 30 cm HD images
  • 0.5 mm focal spot
  • Sensor TDI CCD

Standard Configuration

DC Generator
X-View avoids the emission of unnecessary radiation by using a high frequency pulsed emission generator. This system allows the acquisition of HD images rotating 230 degrees in only 15 seconds.

Patient positioning
Positioning is important to obtain detailed images. The correct patient alignment means better image quality, less time for the examination and reduced X-Ray exposure. The X-VIEW support accessories, laser guides, chin support and the lateral temples supports, are designed for an optimal positioning, keeping the patient head aligned in the focal trough.

Metallic base
X-View is supported on a metallic base designed to maintain the stability of both, the patient and the unit. The metallic base prevents the patient from moving the unit causing image distortions.

2D Programs

Standard Panoramic

  • Adult Standard Panoramic
  • Child Standard Panoramic
  • Adult Right/Left Hemi Panoramic
  • Child Right/Left Hemi Panoramic
  • Adult/Child Frontal Dentition
  • Adult/Child TMJ open/close mouth


  • Reduced dose Panoramic
  • Improved Orthogonality
  • Right or Left Bitewing
  • Bitewing right to left

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